Jodi Foster (Brown) was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in March of 2009 at the age of 30.  Dealing with and understanding this illness was an uphill battle. Living with fibromyalgia requires a strong support system, and Jodi is one of the fortunate ones to have had her parents stand beside her through the difficult times and to encourage her to keep going.


Never having heard of fibromyalgia before, we reached out to anyone for answers. After searching for a local support group with no success, we attended a seminar on fibromyalgia in Northwest Indiana and mentioned the idea of a support group. We received very positive feedback and a high response. Therefore, we took on the challenge and opportunity to start this group in September 2009. Though we lost our ‘Fibro-Dad’ in March 2016, he still has our back and would be proud of where our group is today.


Fibromites Unite meets the fourth Saturday of every month at Franciscan St. Margaret Health and holds various social activities to get to know each other better and to encourage a more positive quality of life.


 What we offer you:

¨ Free membership

¨ Monthly support group meetings for you and your family

¨ An opportunity to meet new friends

¨ Guest speakers

¨ Social activities

¨ Sharing your fibromyalgia experience

¨ Understanding, acceptance and reassurance

¨ A chance to participate in raising fibromyalgia awareness

Contact Us:

Phone:  708-803-2630


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