Saturday, March 25th


Monthly Support Group Meeting


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P.O. Box 90, Cedar Lake, IN 46303

Phone:† 708-589-5803


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Upcoming Events:


Saturday, April 22nd

Monthly Support Group Meeting

Guest Speaker: TBA...awaiting confirmation


Saturday, April 29th, 6pm

Fibromyalgia Awareness Dinner

In honor of National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, Fibromites Unite is holding their 8th Annual Fibromyalgia Awareness Dinner at Lencioniís Pub located in Lynwood, Illinois. Click here for more info!


Saturday, May 27th

No Support Group Meeting This Month

Our leader is getting married! Due to this busy time, there will not be a meeting in May. The new Mrs. will see you in June!


Saturday, June 24th

Monthly Support Group Meeting



Coming Soon:

*Game Night





All meetings are held the fourth Saturday of every month,† 10am-12n at Franciscan St. Margaret Health located at 24 Joliet Street in Dyer, Indiana.


*Recommended parking at the West Entrance located near the Main Entrance. We are down a short hallway in the Reginald Board Room.*

Upcoming Events